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Our Connection Ubuntu Team has partnered with ComplitKenya to set up a new computer lab for their students and residents.


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Here's my question... How many times were you on your computer, tablet, or smart phone today? How many of your personal and professional activities would be hampered if not stopped without technology?

My guess is several, if not most. Truly technology has become a way of life for us. More than that, technology has quickly become a way of connection AND a way of social mobility. What I mean by that is technology and technology access empowers people to be better educated and then to provide better for themselves and their families. At its best, technology is a social class leveler. It allows diverse kinds of people to connect for a variety of reasons. It allows people to be better informed, better educated, and better connected to opportunities for personal and professional development. Technology is one way of honoring Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a South African philosophy that means “I am what I am because of who we all are.” Our future, our success is intricately bound with yours.

You might also be aware that globally many people do not have the same access to technology or education for how to use that technology. How can we in the United States do anything about this?

We, at Connection Ubuntu have a very specific way you can help this access and education happen. Our mission is to supply laptops and tablets to students and entrepreneurs in Africa. These tools allow recipients to gain technical knowledge and confidence to achieve their dreams of success and self-sufficiency.

Currently, we are partnering with a community based organization (CBO) of young professionals, ComplITKenya, in Nyamira, Kenya, whose dream is taking the digital revolution to the village. They have worked toward this dream by raising funds to build computer labs in Community Centers—creating e-community centers. Only an estimated two percent of rural Kenyans have ever touched a computer. This is why a computer lab in rural Kenya is so very beneficial.

By now, you may be asking, so what does this have to do with me?

You can be part of this movement by donating funds or items to Connection Ubuntu. We hope to raise $17, 514 to achieve this dream. This cost will cover everything from lap-top and desk top computers and software to chairs, tables, and a storage cabinet. For only $454 .15, you can provide a desk top computer. For just $709.80 you can sponsor a lap top. And for the cost of a fancy drink at Starbucks, you could sponsor one chair.

Today is your chance to participate in the digital revolution and to honor that we in the world are connected in more ways than we can possibly imagine. We would love to meet this goal of funds, with your help!

Both Connection Ubuntu and ComplitKenya understand the need for education of technology, especially for women and girls. As you can see, Connection Ubuntu and ComplitKenya form a perfect partnership, both sharing the attitude that every person matters in this world. Together, we change lives.

For more information on Connection Ubuntu: and For more information on ComplITKenya:

The Connection Ubuntu Team,

Christen Chew, Deborah Becker, Dianna George, Joe Subacz, Megan Malick, Sheryl Schultz, and Vicki Poole

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to supply laptops and tablets to students and entrepreneurs in Africa. These tools allow recipients to gain te

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