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Befriending the frail, isolated elderly in hospitals, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.


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Undergraduate students who are pursuing careers in health care learn the art of treating patients with compassion. They are specially trained in the advanced listening skills that bring comfort, hope, and greater well-being to the sick, injured, and dying.

Then they put their new skills into action. Each student commits to one or more years of service through this award-winning program. They befriend the frail, isolated elderly on a weekly basis in eleven of our community's skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, as well as in six hospital units.

In doing so, our future doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals learn how to listen and make the human connection that kindles hope and strength for healing.

This year we expect 100 students to participate. Their gift of time, friendship, and wholehearted listening vastly improves a person’s quality of life in their latter years.

Adventures in Caring invests $2,500 in each student to build professional-level skills in communication and emotional intelligence through year-round coaching. That is why these undergraduates are able to make a profound human connection with the sick, injured, or dying—and consistently produce the authentic, caring human moments that enrich their quality of life.

Your Gift of any amount will help towards creating a one-year service-learning scholarship in the practice of compassion applied in the service of healing. Your gift will be 100% committed to this unique program.

We hope you will join us in making these scholarships available. Your support will be vital in this work to cultivate compassionate health care—locally and globally.

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