Como Uno (As One) Race to Change the World

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"Como Uno (As One) Race to Change the World" a team to help The Light and Love Building Project. URGENT


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Virginia Brown

C-O-W (Change Our World)

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This is a race against time. So grab everyone you can to participate in this race to make a change for many desperate children and families in a poverty-stricken area in The Dominican Republic. These children are in need of a school and cry out for our help. We have been teaching them in random buildings we have been renting out however, we cannot keep a steady location due to the home-owners selling the buildings.

Your participation great or little will change lives! So please join us in this urgent race to to assure these children are continueing to learn and grow in the proper love and care they so desperatly need and desire. I was there with these children.

I have been on trips to visit them. Maliani age 7 is one of the many children who captured my heart. She lives in such horrific unsafe, unhealthy conditions. Her only pair of walking shoes sole was coming off until I gave her a new pair of shoes. This is not just a school, but to the children it is a treasure box full of many precious pearls that they would give everything they have to gain.....SO PUT ON YOUR BEST JOGGING SHOES AND LET'S GO WORLD CHANGERS!!

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