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$3,296 raised of $10,000

"Commodores Compete for a Cause 2015" a team to help the YWCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee


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Kara Lucenti

Vanderbilt Women's Swimming

$965 11


Vanderbilt Women's Cross Country

Vanderbilt Women's Cross Country

$705 16


Kendall Shaw

Vanderbilt Women's Basketball

$450 6


Vanderbilt Men's Cross Country

Vanderbilt Men's Cross Country

$371 13


Amanda Lockwood

Vanderbilt Women's Lacrosse

$348 7


Andrew East

Vanderbilt Football

$150 2


Vanderbilt Women's Track and Field

Vanderbilt Women's Track and Field

$100 2


Carson Jacobs

Vanderbilt Mens Golf

$70 2


Vanderbilt Women's Bowling

Vanderbilt Women's Bowling

$65 3


Frances Altick

Vanderbilt Women's Tennis

$30 2


Morgan Ransom

Vanderbilt Women's Golf

$20 2


Kristofer Yee

Vanderbilt Men's Tennis

$11 1


Keegan Thimons

Vanderbilt Women's Soccer Team

$10 1


Ro Coleman

Vanderbilt Baseball

$0 0


Shelby Moats

Vanderbilt Mens Basketball

$0 0

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Commodores Compete for a Cause (CC4C) is an annual event in which Vanderbilt’s varsity teams join together to compete to make a difference. This year student athletic leaders have chosen the YWCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee as the beneficiary of their fundraising efforts. The fundraising will continue through April 20th. The team that raises the most money by April 20th will be considered the winner of CC4C.

This event allows for student-athletes to learn about nonprofit organizations, raise awareness, raise money, and make a difference within the time constraints of being a student-athlete. In addition, this event brings our athletic community together through one common goal: making an impact in the lives of others. Furthermore, this event allows us, as student-athletes, to do what we do best: compete.

Why did we partner with the YWCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee? As Vanderbilt student-athletes, we have experienced exactly how athletics overlaps diverse boundaries, enhances our self-worth, and empowers us in every facet of life. The YWCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee seeks to empower the women of our community who desire a better quality of life for themselves and/or their families, to achieve self-sufficiency, and to increase their financial strength.

One of the pillars of the YWCA’s mission is to eliminate racism and promote justice. Through sport, peoples of all different ideologies, races, and backgrounds interact with each other, breaking through both racism and hate. We wanted to partner with an organization that works for ideals that we stand for, principles that sport can reflect, and the YWCA does just that.

The YWCA stands for respecting the dignity of all people, and it serves to speak out for those without a voice. As Vanderbilt student-athletes, sport has helped us realize our full potential, and our status as athletes gives us an elevated voice in the community. We, too, want to use that voice to speak out for the dignity of all.

The vision of the YWCA is for all women to achieve self-sufficiency if they so desire. Sport cultivates in us a greater sense of independence by allowing us to develop ourselves both physically and mentally, and these traits can transfer into increased employment and financial strength. We are incredibly proud to stand with an organization whose mission we fully support. Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to empower the women of our community!

Team Captain

Samuel Reilly Samuel Reilly