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"Commodores Compete for a Cause " The sports teams of Vanderbilt University team up to help the EPHAS PRODUCTIONS INCORPORATED


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Vanderbilt Women's Lacrosse

Vanderbilt Women's Lacrosse fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause 1

$1,773 34


Vanderbilt Football

Vanderbilt Football fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause

$710 22


Vanderbilt Baseball

Vanderbilt Baseball fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause 1

$285 8


Vanderbilt Men's Tennis

Vanderbilt Men's Tennis fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause

$135 4


Vanderbilt Women's Bowling

Vanderbilt Women's Bowling fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause

$120 3


Vanderbilt Women's Tennis

Vanderbilt Women's Tennis fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause

$75 2


Vanderbilt Women's Track and Cross Country

Vanderbilt Women's Cross Country fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause

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Vanderbilt Men's Cross Country

Vanderbilt Men's Cross Country fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause

$41 2


Vanderbilt Women's Soccer

Vanderbilt Women's Soccer fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause

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Vanderbilt Women's Swimming

Vanderbilt Women's Swimming fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause

$20 1


Vanderbilt Men's Basketball

Vanderbilt Men's Basketball fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause

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Vanderbilt Women's Track and Field

Vanderbilt Women's Track and Field fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause

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Vanderbilt Women's Cheerleading

Vanderbilt Women's Cheerleading fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause

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Vanderbilt Women's Basketball

Vanderbilt Women's Basketball fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause

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Vanderbilt Women's Golf

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Vanderbilt Men's Golf

Vanderbilt Men's Golf fundraising for Commodores Compete for a Cause

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  • celeste m. dunlap: You girls rock---a great cause supported by an awesome group of girls!!!!
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    about Vanderbilt Women's Lacrosse...
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  • Claire Leonard: Love and miss you guys! Go dores!
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Commodores Compete for a Cause 2012 Benefiting: EPHAS.

The Vanderbilt Commodores sports teams have come together to create an annual fundraising competition that is a month long. Each March- April the Commodore sports teams will compete to raise the most money for a non-profit organization: this year we are supporting EPHAS- Every Person Has A Story.

Each team will have their own website and put on their own fundraisers to raise awareness and money to benefit EPHAS. Our goal is for each team to raise at least $300. The winning team will be honored at the Black and Gold Athletic Banquet and their team's name will be on a plaque that will be displayed in McGugin.

About EPHAS:

EPHAS shares stories and connects people around the world through the power of photography. We put cameras in the hands of students and provide teaching and guidance. Then, we use the power of the internet to get their stories told. EPHAS currently operates 20 schools in Cambodia, the DR, Haiti, Rwanda, and the U.S., and we share over 300 images per week. We believe that Every Person Has A Story, and that every story deserves to be told!

Our mission is to educate people in developing countries in media arts so they can self-document the life and transformation in their communities. We hope to assist in presenting often difficult or unsightly realities that otherwise go unheard to those fortunate enough to help. We want every organization with which EPHAS works, to have the resources to educate their clientele in media arts, enabling them to document their own experiences and, in turn, promote the organization offering aid.

The thousands of images that are taken can be sold for fundraising purposes, aiding the organizations doing the most important work to become more self-sustainable for the future. Whether the organization is helping individuals with prostheses, bringing clean water to a village for the first time, or rebuilding schools I areas of devastation, the beneficiaries can help immensely by displaying the ways their lives have changed over a number of years.

To learn more about EPHAS please visit

Team Captain

Paige Cahill Paige Cahill

  1. G. Ryan AnsinG. Ryan... 03/27/2012 at 08:52 AM ET
    Hi Everyone, It appears that your fundraiser has gotten off to an amazing start. Thank you to everyone involved and a special thanks to Paige Cahill for arranging this competition. I'm honored to have EPHAS as your first "Commodores Competition for a Cause." Just got back from South Sudan and can reiterate the incredible need that you are fulfilling. All my best, G. Ryan Ansin, Executive Director of EPHAS