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"Cleveland Hindustani music lovers" a team to help the INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC SOIETY...

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The Society, as part of its educational mission, desires to educate people to the uniqueness and beauty of Indian culture, and in particular, the richness of Indian music. There are many outlets in this country for the performance of well-recognized musical forms but very little exposure to "non-popular" musical styles and forms. The Society aims to address this shortcoming as a means of enriching the culture of the community in general and, in particular, educating the public about Indian music. The society also wants to establish local music schools and bring together young students and appropriate teachers.

In addition, the Society has been featuring outstanding international artists and desire to continue to do so. Earlier, our society used to hold about 4 such concerts per year. We wish to continue with at least two such concerts and also add an annual festival featuring instrumental, vocal and classical dance performances.

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Sujata Lakhe Sujata Lakhe