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Christina's Journey is a fundraiser being put into place to help with the daily mounds and mounds of medical bills, due to Sarcoidosis!!!

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The purpose of this fundraiser is to:

One: Help Christina Harrington-Craig with her ever increasing medical bills, that grows by mounds day by day because of terrible disease she was dx with in 2011, called Sarcoidosis. But 2011 was when they finally caught it. She had been sick since 2003 with chronic lung problems that they are now believeing, that she has had this disease for years before she was finally dx. Then in early 2012 she started showing signs that the sarcoidosis that had been found in her lungs had spread to her central nervous system and brain and also her skin. Finally in March of 2013 it was offically confirmed she had Neurosarcoidosis. She started seeing a new lung doctor up at Duke in April and she was dx with COPD and found that now she has Lymphatic Sarcoidosis as well. On June 14' 2013 she was started on a chemotherapy drug called, Methotrexate. But this is just a whole bunch of diagonses to you reading this. This is what is goes through daily:

Exterme Fatique, Difficutly Breathing, Waking up in the middle of her sleep not being able to breath AT ALL and it usually takes up to 10-15 minutes for her to get enough of the rescue inhaler medeication into her lungs, so that she is able to breath normally, Complete loss of smell and taste, Constant dizzness, N/V, Mouth Ulcers, Sores all over her body that refuse to heal for months, Blurred vision, Double vision, Numbness in her hands, arms, legs, and feet, Complete loss of balance, Her left eye is startring to turn outward, Fainting spells, Her body doesn't regulste temperature normally ( so if it is like 50 degrees outside, she is burning up and sweating), She can't stand to be touched by cretain materials or to touch certain materials, because of a heightened sence of touch caused by the Neurosarcoid, Hair loss, Neuropathy (they are thining it is small fiber neuropathy), Myoclonic seizures, Temporary hearing loss, Swelling in her her whole body , but mostly exctreme swelliing in lower legs and ankles to the point where they look like they are going to burst open, and the list goes on and on.

Also: On 8/29/2013, she was told that, she might have a oral cancer. That is a development we will haveto keep you posted on.

TWO: To gain awareness for funding and support of those suffering from this disease. Noone knows why a person gets sarcoidosis and there is NO CURE!!!! It is a life long struggle for some. There are those that with the treatment of steroids, goes into remission and the disease never comes back, but for MANY MANY others, there is NO REMISSION. Sarcoidosis is an auto-immune disease that where the body's immune system atacks itself and causes, Grandulomas, which are grouped up dead white blood cells and othere cells and the body starts to calcify these massess whereveer they maybe in your body. Any no plave ion ou body is safe from this disease. It can attack ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE. Noone had really ever heard the term Sarcoidosis until Bernie Mac died from complications of it in 2008. There are so so so many people that die from this disease each year that you never hear about because they aren't famous.

So by starting this fundraiser for Christina, you just aren't helping someone that would give the shirt off her back to someone, you are helping in gaining awareness for this monster.


Team Captain

MIchael Craig MIchael Craig

To be able to help my wife, not worry so much about the debt she facing, due to medical bills.