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Our Mission is to treat the illnesses, conditions and mental disorders of individuals worldwide that are seeking medicinal SAFEWave Radio Wave formulas
using Rife High Definition Frequencies in groups of 29-149 that are administered to clients using a computer computer program named WOW, Wave Over Wave Computer Technology. The mission itself is to provide these treatments at a very low cost, that may include standard medical treatments and medications, plus treatments from Homopathic Physicians. The principals we stand for are based on free choice for all individuals when it relates to all of the medical treatmens that are available to them.

The Charity was organized by Rev. Dr. Gerald J. Giunta and Lawrence Gilligan, the co-developers of Common Sense Technologies, and Board Members of this charity; WWJDisease Treatment Charities, a part of the Old
Catholic Church of the West Coast of Florida. Their purpose is to to cover all of the costs associated with research and development as well as the costs associaed with the treatments to the individuals themselves.

The teams primary goal is to create a comfortable e;nvironment for those seeking treatment.

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Rev.Dr. Gerald giunta Rev.Dr. Gerald giunta