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Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development is a Nongovernmental organization approved by government as a public benefit organization.


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Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development (CCCYD) Solwezi Branch was registered on 03/09/2010. It was created with the auspices of implementing education on the issues affecting women, Youth, orphans and vulnerable children such as HIV /AIDS, unemployment and poverty. The organization is registered with the registrar of societies as a non-profit organization and it has been approved by Government as public benefit organization under the income Tax Act and Customs and Excise Duty Act of the Laws of Zambia

Currently CCCYD is implementing an Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), HIV/AIDS, youth and women empowerment projects in Solwezi location. Its main activities include community capacity building through entrepreneurship skills targeting poor women, education support, vocational training for orphans and vulnerable children, Shelter and care, Protection which ensures that the child’s basic rights are met, healthcare to ensure that the child’s health needs are met, psychosocial support to promote the child’s social, mental and emotional wellbeing and Economic Strengthening.

Since it’s inception to date, the organization is endeavoring to uplift the living standards of women, youth and children in order to develop their entrepreneurial skills to enable them reach the their potential

CCCYD is committed to empowering women economically socially and morally for self reliance, economic stability at household, community and national levels respectively.

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