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"Guate2012" a team to help the FRIENDS OF CHILDREN EVERYWHERE...

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Our Team: Carmelle Tsai, Charlotte Reburn, Sharon Kim, and Jessica May

Our main purpose is to serve the Kingdom of God by loving Him and loving others. In particular, all of us on the team have been given a deep heart to love children, and we would like to bring our love and care to children at Casa Bernabe Orphanage who have incredible physical, emotional, and spiritual needs because of the hurtful backgrounds they come from. We are not only raising money in order to allow for us to go on the trip, but the money that is raised will provide for the activities we will engage the kids in during the week. Money will also be raised to provide for specific needs that homes at the orphanage have. During the trip, our members will be engaged in numerous areas of service- childcare, worship ministry, teaching English at the school, and loving the kids by taking an interest in their interests- from sports to music to languages! Ideally, we will each serve in a particular house at the orphanage where houseparents care for a certain number of kids within a certain age group. This tremendously helps the houseparents and allows for meaningful interaction with the children- being a part of their every day lives, such as helping them with schoolwork and teaching them the Word of God. You can be a part of the process by enabling us to go on the trip and also by providing for specific needs that homes at the orphanage have. Thank you for taking the time to read about our trip. We would much appreciate prayer as we undergo preparations! Please let me know if you have any further questions (contact: Jessica May at

Team Captain

Jessica May Jessica May