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$11,185 raised of $40,000
($8,399 online, $2,786 offline)

Cargill participates in the IOCP communitywide campaign to help create hope for 1,777 families.


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Laura Snodgrass

Snodgrass Family Sleep Out 2013

$9,710 37


Kim Watson

Kim and Woody Watson

$590 7


Ron Strauss

Ron Strauss - Sleepout

$340 6


Ben Martinka

Ichabod Crane's Sleepy Hollow Sleep Out

$300 8


Michelle Halverson

Michelle's Sleep Out

$245 7


Cargill Sleepout

Cargill Sleep Out

$0 0

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The sleep out creates hope through:

Help with the basics, like housing, employment, child care, food and transportation.

Two-thirds of the families IOCP serves live in poverty. Their incomes are at or below $22,350 (for a family of 4).

On average, it costs about $2,300 to help one family for one year.

IOCP's average rent assistance for a family is $733 a month, compared to $3,000 to house them in a shelter in Minneapolis.

Everything begins at home. Stable housing means kids do better in school, parents do better at work and families do better together.

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