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When I myself was going through treatment for cancer, I found a brochure that was a breath of fresh air. It had classes like Tai chi, yoga, clay sculputure, healthy cooking, support groups and the list goes on. I found a community where I could heal my MIND, BODY and SPIRIT and it was FREE. It was the Cancer Support Community (previously called Wellness Community)

I am so passionate about what this non-profit community did for me and my family that I am ready to give back. I want to raise awareness the community exisits and support the programs they offer at no charge to anyone who walks through their doors.

Our a team is to raise $10,000 by August 31st, 2015. We will be doing a FITNESS-A-THON. Get your sneakers and get ready. Shake it, step it, ride it, walk it...what ever you choose. Let's get movin!

The vision is: each team/person will do an activity and post a link to the donation site and post/share their results. A good ap for this is Endomundo, Fitbit or any tracker you like. Share with the world your purpose for movin, distance and calories burned. Get friends to join your team and move together. Fitness fights cancer...Are you ready to fight!

Of want to just support from comfort of your home. We appreciate your donations as well. :-)

Team Captain

Giving Back Giving Back

Awareness to the programs available to heal the MIND BODY SPIRIT

  1. Giving BackGiving Back 08/10/2015 at 12:58 AM ET
    I am so grateful for everyone who is helping me with this cause.