cancer kills music heals our children

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Music lives threw us and us threw music.We heal our self music is medical


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A team of middle age men and women who have extra time to teach kids and show kids how to play music. When life seems bad everything is saying no just lay down well we go and find us sick kids whos last wish or dieing wish would be playing music buy them an instrument and make music that heals the soul or makes a song thats becomes a hit which in turn could supply more money to cancer found dations across america please help suport our kids whos chance is slim but songs r made and hearts are lifted no matter the out come God has the last say. contact info 1-660- 882- 0081 ask for Jay music heals the soul conecting us with healing ourselves thru music and for getting our problems of death and anguish I'm dying but not a kid an adult but music saves ive already keep my faith threw God and music please help

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help kids help them selves with music and prayer

  1. freedom writersfreedom... 06/25/2011 at 07:02 AM ET
    I want to donate 10,000 from river city singers un disclosed name i will call