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"Team Canal" is a group of board members and friends of the Canal Welcome Center who care about the Canal community of San Rafael, CA.


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The Canal Welcome Center (CWC), founded in 2000, has benefited thousands of recent immigrants in Marin County through its programs, including resident leadership development, cultural celebrations, Mobile Consulates, weekly Food Pantry, ESL classes, and employment support for job seekers. The CWC’s mission is to develop Canal community residents’ capacity to advance their social, cultural, and economic well-being.

The CWC is led by a full-time executive director and run by volunteers, so your donation goes further.

Among the many resources the CWC provides are mobile consulates, which have already reached over 10,000 people. These mobile consulates provide residents with vital legal documents, information, and assistance that enables them to conduct business in the United States (e.g., secure employment, open bank accounts, apply for birth/death certificates, register children for school, and obtain business licenses, library cards, utility services, and marriage licenses).

Our weekly food pantry provides healthy foods such as fresh produce, eggs, rice, and dried beans. More than 150 families use the food pantry each week.
The program has been recognized as a model by the San Francisco Food Bank and is used to train other volunteer food distribution programs.

For more information on our programs, please visit our website at

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