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"Camp Swatara Walk and Ride for Peace" is part of the 3000 Miles for Peace campaign, in honor of Paul Ziegler.


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Come to Camp Swatara -- 8:00 AM on Saturday, April 27, 2013.

What is 3000 Miles for Peace?

  • It is in honor of Paul Ziegler, and young man and Camp Swatara camper and volunteer who planned to ride his bicycle across the country for peace, but never got the chance.
  • This spring, people all over the country will be riding and walking and reaching out to raise funds for the violence-preventon programs of On Earth Peace.
  • Come to Camp Swatara and ride your bike or walk on pre-planned routes, raising money for peace and gathering to remember Paul by helping realize his dream ride.


  • Meet at the Camp Swatara East Lodge parking lot.
  • Participate in a short opening with members of Paul's family present.
  • Sign in and pick your route for walking to the Rock Pile, on trails around the camp, or to a local church, or bike to local churches and back.
  • Camp Swatara will provide check-in stations, water bottles, one-way transportation for one-way riders/walkers, refreshments at camp, etc.

What must I do?

  • Gather per-mile pledges or contributions to support your ride or hike.
  • Bring your bike or your comfortable hiking/walking shoes.
  • Enjoy a spring day at and around Camp Swatara as you support a worthy cause and take a stand -- or better yet -- a walk or ride for Peace.

For more information about the Camp Swatara walk/ride, contact Camp Swatara at For more about the 3000 Miles for Peace campaign, contact On Earth Peace at

More about Paul Ziegler

Paul Ziegler was a 19-year-old McPherson College student who had a dream. He planned to ride his bicycle across the country from coast to coast for world peace, collecting contributions and fellow riders along the way.

“Why do people have to fight? “ He would ask. “What skills and options do people have for solving problems nonviolently?”

With his enthusiasm for life and his ready smile, Paul made friends easily. He knew how to enjoy the moment and he put his whole heart into whatever he was doing. He would have put his whole heart into riding 3,000 miles for peace. Now that he is gone, we must do it for him.

His family, church, and the world lost Paul in 2012, in a tragic accident. Yet he left behind his dream — to journey for peace — which lives on in us.

Team Captain

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  1. Debra ZieglerDebra... 03/27/2013 at 08:59 PM ET
    Camp Swatara has been a place where our whole family has learned more about worshiping, working together, and growing in our faith. A place to practice peacemaking. Join us for a day at camp. Support us as we lift up peaceful solutions to a violent world. Thanks for all your donations.
  2. Dale ZieglerDale Ziegler 03/06/2013 at 09:21 PM ET
    Deb and will be at Camp for this event. We are looking forward to seeing many old friends and meeting new friends as well.