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"Camp Sonshine Guatemala 2014" a team to help the Camp Sonshine International of Immanuels Church...

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Brandon Toombs

Brandon Toombs Guatemala Missions Trip 2014

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G Khasar

G Khasar

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Hayley Johnson

Hayley en Guate

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Isaac McKnight

Campsonshine Guatemala 14

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Jessica Hulings

Jessica to GTA

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Katherine Flores

Camp Sonshine International of Immanuels Church

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Rebecca and Ellie McFate

Rebecca and Ellie in Guatemala 2014

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Scott McIntyre

Scott McIntyre

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We will be working with the Prince of Peace Home for Girls in San Cristobal, Guatemala. Prince of Peace is a non-profit organization and the girls come to the home through the local court system. Females are the most vulnerable in Guatemala; the are often abused, neglected, abandoned, unwanted and unloved. With the love that God shows us each and every day, we want to show these beautiful young ladies that God has not forgotten them and that He continues to love them each and every day. Our Camp Sonshine International team will be conducting a day camp for the girls living at the Prince of Peace home. Four days of camp will be held that will entail games, crafts, sports, songs, dances, Bible lessons, skits and loads of fun. Our goal is to show these wonderful children a time filled with fun, happiness, truth, and God's amazing love.

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Laura Gordon Laura Gordon

I just want to do God's work and show His love to everyone that I possibly can.

  1. Laura GordonLaura Gordon 11/14/2014 at 02:04 PM ET
    Good Job, ladies and gents!!! Keep fundraising, we're almost there!