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Students serving other students and children in the schools, orphanages, villages, and cities of Cambodia this summer.


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On June 14, 2012, a group of high school and college students will travel from Portland, Oregon to the Kingdom of Cambodia. Our purpose is to serve and love children in villages and schools across the country.

One of the areas we will serve is in the city of Phnom Penh, helping young people who have been rescued out of sex trafficking and drug abuse. Another area where we are serving is in the province of Takeo, in the country outside of Phnom Penh. Here we will work with a local missionary to serve children and orphanages in local villages. We will then fly to the northern part of the country and a city called Siem Reap where we will work in a school and serve a village that is floating on the lake there.

This trip will be life changing, not only for those we serve, but also for each person going. We want to see lives changed, starting with our own.

Our goal is to raise $60,000 for this trip. We are asking you to partner with us to make a difference in the country of Cambodia by supporting this trip. Your donation is tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt for any funds you give.

Would prayerfully consider joining us in making a difference by giving?

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