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"Business Sorority", a team to help the THE SANDBOX...

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Diane McDermott

Supporting The Sandbox Honorees and Families

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Julie Tache

Julie Tache

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Mel Miller

Help me help the Honorees of The Sandbox!

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  • Julie Tache: Please help us support a wonderful organization helping local children and...
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Business Sorority is women helping women. An innovative network of female entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals, we are dedicated to working together to grow our businesses by building relationships. We achieve our success through a commitment to understanding, sharing and helping one another.

Our purpose is to provide a progressive network of talent, skills, knowledge and resources around our members to promote growth in their business and personal objectives. We are a community of women for and by women.

One of our biggest missions is giving back. In this effort, we have The Sandbox as our chosen philanthropy. Giving back is essential to a good life and we believe the difference we can make in the lives of the honorees of The Sandbox is significant! Check them out at

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Mel Miller Mel Miller

  1. Mel MillerMel Miller 07/21/2015 at 11:30 AM ET
    Let's GO team! We are so close!!!!
  2. Mel MillerMel Miller 07/10/2015 at 10:34 AM ET
    Go, team, go!