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I am trying to get the youth in my community off low grade dangerous drugs.


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Bugolobi is a suburb of Kampala (Uganda’s capital), caught between extreme affluence and dire poverty. The Bugolobi ‘ghetto’ has for long been known for rampant drug abuse, with frequent police raids not changing much. Uganda has been said to have one of the youngest populations on the planet, and though this should be a glimmer of hope for a budding energetic workforce, it has produced Uganda’s biggest socioeconomic problem. Uganda’s high unemployment rate, bundled with its youthful population, has resulted in a lost generation; one without hope or purpose.

Unemployed youth line the streets of Uganda’s cities every day, with the job market unable to absorb the tens of thousands of young men and women leaving universities and higher institutions of learning each year.

The youth of Bugolobi are no different. Many of them have resorted to drug use (mainly marijuana and low-grade heroine), as well as drinking an unregulated and locally made strong alcoholic drink (waragi), all day long, in a bid to forget their miseries.

Bugolobi Youth Rugby Initiative/Bugolobi Rugby Club was started two years ago by two friends, Tony and Francis, who having seen many of their friends become narcotic and alcohol addicts, and their lives literally get destroyed, decided to make a difference amongst the youth of Bugolobi. They figured that if they kept the youth busy, with three days of rugby training each week (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday), it would keep them away from many of these vices. Rugby being a sport that requires high levels of commitment and discipline, it has proven to be a fairly efficient tool of reform and rehabilitation in many of the youths lives.

Bugolobi Youth Rugby Initiative/Bugolobi Rugby Club has since then grown to a current membership of over forty (40) youth. With the growing numbers, has come the need for more resources as hand-outs from well-wishers can no longer sustain the initiative/club. There is need for more training equipment such as rugby balls, training cones, tackle bags and training kit.

Plans to formalise operations by registering the club as a fully-fledged non-profit are underway. The club will be run by an executive committee made up of young responsible leaders. This will open up opportunities to participate in better organised regional rugby events and in so doing, spread this model, that is positively impacting the youth of Bugolobi, to other areas of the country.

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Deo Kibumba Deo Kibumba