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"Bucks for Buckle Bea" a team to help SECONDHAND HOUNDS raise funds to pay medical & rehab expenses for special needs and emergency cases!


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Buckle Bea - a chocolate lab puppy dropped at MACC - couldn't walk and was assumed to have a broken pelvis. Without Secondhand Hounds, this awesome dog would have been euthanized because the expense of diagnosis and treatment was too high.

You can read the detailed version of her story on her facebook page at www.facebook.com/ILoveBuckleBea. Here's the condensed version:

The night Secondhand Hounds picked Buckle Bea up: xrays confirmed no broken bones; tests showed no pathogens or diseases as root causes of her lameness. She showed no signs of pain or discomfort. She was started on a course of steroids on the assumption of inflamation in the spinal cord or nervous system. She went to a foster caregiver with experience in rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery.

She began a course of physical therapy and water treadmill therapy. After only two months, she is walking short distances and gaining strength every day.

Buckle Bea's therapy is not cheap; it will cost thousands of dollars before she can be adopted. Our goal is that she will walk on May 4th in the No Kill Walk for Animals! Her foster mom also hopes that she will one day be a therapy dog that visits children in the hospital to show them what is possible.

Without Secondhand Hounds, she would not have that chance. With your help and donation, another awesome dog will have the same chance at an awesome life. Our team goal is to raise enough to pay all of Buckle Bea's expenses and then some.

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Trish Phillips Trish Phillips