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"Bring your Heart to L'Arche is a Lenten campaign that will help L'Arche Mobile to raise awareness of our mission and to help raise funds...


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Mary Chan

bring your heart to l'arche

$10,100 3


Marty O'Malley

Bring your heart to L'arche

$6,400 8


Janet Ahler, CSA

bring your heart to larche

$2,625 21


Keelia, Kara, Patrick, Caitlin and Donovan O'Malley

Bring Your Heart to L'Arche

$2,270 8


Sarah Porell

Bring Your Heart To L'Arche

$1,980 17


Bridget Mulroy

Bring Your HEART to LArche

$1,636 8


Team Maureen & Kathleen LaCourWillis

Bring Your Heart to L'Arche

$1,471 21


Tom Radcliff

Bring Your Heart to L'Arche

$1,430 17


Amy Pipes

The Pipes Family Bringing Hearts to L'Arche

$1,032 9


Dennis O'Keefe

Dennis OKeefe, Bring Your Heart to L'Arche

$1,025 3


Sally Partridge

Sally's "Bring your Heart to L'Arche" fundraiser

$610 11


Shannon Hughes

bring your ♥ to l'arche

$601 9


Ellen Niland

Bring Your Heart To L'Arche

$460 4


beth rodgers

bring your heart to l"arche

$420 5


Sr. Becky Holley

Becky's Bring Your Heart to L'Arche

$400 11


Dodie Ward

Bring your heart to larche

$165 0



Bring your heart to larche

$0 24


Donny Radcliff

Bring your heart to L'Arche

$0 13


Michael Cowart

Bring Your Heart to L'Arche

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L'Arche Mobile is a Christian Community that shares life with individuals with intellectual disabilities. We have been in Mobile since 1974 and currently shares life with 23 individuals. L'Arche Mobile makes a lifetime commitment to the people with whom we share life together. Leonard was 40 years old when he left the state institution where he lived for 38 years. Leonard lived in our community for 34 years as he had opportunities to travel, make decisions about his life and bring joy to many that he came into contact with. He died peacefully after a short illness. Leonard’s story illustrates the commitment that is made to each individual that we share life with.

The goal is to have 50 participants each strive to raise $2,000 or more using emails and/or letters as well as Facebook links. The participants will be “recruited” by those that already know L’Arche well and can communicate the importance of the organization as well as the needs.

The Campaign will officially start on Ash Wednesday and go for 40 days. We will use the online donation site Razoo – Full instructions will be provided for each “Recruiter” and “Participant.”

At the conclusion of the campaign, the dollars will be tallied. As an extra incentive, the Leading Fundraiser will get invited to sit at the head table at the Football Banquet (next to the coach of their choice) and be recognized for their effort. The Leading “Number of Donations” participant will also be recognized at the head table. All participants that attain their $2,000 goal will be invited to attend the Football Banquet at a designated table and be recognized as one group.

The money raised will be used to support individuals with intellectual disabilities who are not funded by the state as well as help offset state reductions in funding.

The campiagn will go from Wednesday, February 13th and end after 40 days on Easter Sunday, March 31st.

Team Captain

Marty O'Malley Marty O'Malley