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Team breathe. is dedicated to raising $2,200 by June 25th 2012!!!


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Stefan Calvaruso

$2,200 in 25 days!!!

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James Smolka

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Luci Calvaruso

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Dear Friends,

My name is Stefan Calvaruso and I am the President and CEO of the Maria Jose Crusellas Foundation. Maria Jose was my fiancé who three days before our wedding died due to carbon monoxide poisoning. I was heartbroken. Instead of getting married on Valentine’s Day I went to my fiancés funeral. Our foundation’s purpose is to spread carbon monoxide awareness as well as donate/install carbon monoxide detectors both domestically and internationally. June 25th 2012 would have been Maria’s 22nd Birthday. Instead of mourning give Maria a present that can help others. Our goal is to raise $2,200 by her birthday. This will go towards helping the millions around the world, including the US, that are without a CO detector in their homes.

Team breathe. is comprised of our most dedicated, kind , and giving supporters. These select few are pillars in the community, always putting others way before themselves. Throughout our foundations two years of existance these men and women have done nothing but give 100% of there time and energy to helping with nothing in return but love. Please help team breathe hit our goal!! Here is how you can help!

You can help by following two easy steps:

1. DONATE. We NEED your help to reach our goal of $2,200 by June 25th!!!!! Every penny goes directly towards achieving our goals.

2. SPREAD THE WORD. Please share this message with at least 10 people and ask them to do the same. Every message sent is another chance to save a life.

Thank you for your time. Help us reach our goal of $2,200 by June 25th. Only together we can stop the carbon monoxide poisoning from claiming the lives of thousands worldwide. I would also like to give a personal shout out to team breathe. Without you I would be empty inside. Thank you for not only your support but your love through good times and bad.


Stefan Calvaruso

Maria Jose Crusellas Foundation

973 214 7999

Team Captain

Stefan Calvaruso Stefan Calvaruso

  1. Stefan CalvarusoStefan... 06/03/2012 at 12:05 AM ET
    Amie Leonard thank you so so so much for your donation!!
  2. Stefan CalvarusoStefan... 06/02/2012 at 02:10 PM ET
  3. Stefan CalvarusoStefan... 06/01/2012 at 07:09 PM ET
    If everyone joins the pot is starting at $300!!!