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Jourdan Phillips, Matt Simpson & Chris Phillips 5K Turkey Trot to help raise money for "Project Night Night"


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Jourdan Phillips

Jourdan fundraising for Breast, Wing & Thigh

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Dearest Friends and Family of Jourdan, Matt and Chris,

The three of us have one question for you: How would you like to see us run 3.6 miles in the freezing cold wearing silly Turkey hats AND PINK SPANDEX?

You would? GOOD. Now after you've taken a moment to shake those images from your head, feel free to read on.

This Thanksgiving Day, we'll be running in the Westfield Hawthorn Turkey Day 5K in Vernon Hills, IL. To spice it up a little we've decided to run the 5K while also raising money for a worthy charity: Project Night Night. This NGO donates "Night Night Packages" (each containing a book, blanket and stuffed animal) to more than 25,000 homeless children a year. To read more hit the link:

Now then, we're aiming to raise $2,000 and we hope that by subjecting ourselves to embarassment, we'll entice you all to donate. Quite simply, if you all collectively donate $1,000, then all three of us will run the 5K in ridiculous Turkey hats like this:

If you all donate $2,000; then we'll run the race in both the hats AND pink spandex. In fact, we'll take it a step further and say if we can exceed our $2,000 goal then we'll take suggestions for additional wardrobe for any $500 raised beyond the $2K. It's quite simple really: the more you donate, the more embarassing we will dress. Oh, and the person(s) who donate the most will get a $50 gift card of their choosing and our everlasting thanks.

Thanks in advance for your donations and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

Jourdan, Matt & Chris (a.ka. Team Breast, Wing & Thigh)

Team Captain

Jourdan Phillips, Matt Simpson & Chris Phillips Jourdan Phillips, Matt Simpson & Chris Phillips