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Restoration Church in Salem, VA is challenging people to go on Christmas Giving Adventures. Each family was given $50 as "seed money" and asked to use the seed money to bless others.

Our family has been impacted by autism. A growing number of our friends are experiencing similar situations. In Roanoke, VA there is an organization known as BRAAC - the Blue Ridge Autism & Achievement Center. BRAAC falls under the umbrella of St. Vincent's Home, INC and is loving and serving young people with austism in a meaningful and important manner.

Our family decided that we would like to use our seed money to bless BRAAC. And we want to invite you to join with us! This time of year is a time of great indulgence in our country. Let's make it a time of radicalo generosity.

Our goal is to turn the $50 seed money into $1000. Will you join us and make a donation for BRAAC? Let's go on a Christmas Giving Adventure together!

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