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Bowl-A-Thon: Having Fun, Making Friends & Raising Funds to Help Others!


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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

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We are having a spirited bowling event to raise funds for critical programs for youth and adults in need. Join the fun - make a difference!

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E. Kim Rhim

Team Excellence!

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For 22 years, The Training Source has provided help for the helpless, hope for the hopeless and jobs for the jobless. We are one of seven Prince George’s County nonprofit organizations (of more than 4,000 total) that are fully Standards For Excellence® accredited for voluntarily complying with 55 best practices that demonstrate ethical and accountable operations. The Training Source’s life changing programs include:

• Comprehensive Job Training for unemployed citizens, focusing on office, hospitality and healthcare careers, with job placement and follow-up services;

• A 3-year Youth Leadership Program for high school students to help them make smart choices, graduate on time, and successfully transition to college or careers;

• Weekly Self-Improvement Workshops at homeless shelters to assist families in transitioning from homelessness to self-sufficiency;

• Life & Employability Skills Training for developmentally disabled young adults aging out of special education programs who desire to work and earn living wages;

• Staffing Assistance and Staff Training for employers to promote more effective and efficient workplaces;

• Professional Clothing for Job Seekers who need clothing to interview for or begin employment;

• Social Services Application Assistance (SNAP / SAIL) to help low-income families apply for government assistance such as food stamps, cash assistance, energy assistance, etc.; and

• Community Outreach, Education & Information to connect low-income families with resources to help them overcome barriers and enhance their independence and self-sufficiency.

All of The Training Source’s programs produce results that exceed national averages. The best news is that our community-based programs are offered at no cost to the recipient. Our motto is, “We develop people, not just skills!”and we seek to meet people where they are and deliver the services they need, while they are ready for change without the burden of finding a way to pay for the services.

That’s where you come in. We regularly seek partners – individuals, corporations, foundations and government – that support our mission to develop people, that recognize that the more we prepare disadvantaged citizens for success and independence, the safer and more vibrant our communities become. As people prosper, businesses proposer, churches prosper, schools prosper, communities prosper, and the economy prospers. We need your help to help others, and this Bowl-A-Thon is a fun and engaging way to raise funds.

Join us on July 11th to Have Fun, Make Friends & Raise Funds to Help Others! There are four great ways to participate:

1. Sign yourself up and we’ll put you on a team ($40 per person; $15 tax-deductible);

2. Sign up a team of six bowlers ($250 per team; $100 tax-deductible);

3. Sign up a Fundraising Team of six bowlers ($1,000 raised for The Training Source, all tax-deductible, and bowlers bowl free); or

4. Sign up a Sponsored Team of six bowlers ($1,000, $700 tax-deductible; bowlers bowl free; corporate logo on signage, website and t-shirts). NOTE: Deadline July 1st for logo placement.

Join us and help create more success stories like the following:

“I really believe that if I had not come into the program, I would still be this young girl with a dream. Being here allowed me to keep my dream, push forward and apply myself.” Hospitality Graduate

“I have had a rough journey up to this point. Your program has helped me to rebuild my confidence and motivated me to make every effort to aim higher and not settle for less. I have grown tremendously.“ Office Graduate

“Being at The Training Source has changed my life and caused a shift in my thinking about life-long learning. I disliked school, and have not been in a classroom setting since 1978. Your incredible instructors, the positive vibe from all staff, the motivational morning affirmations, and family-like camaraderie have changed my point of view about learning. This has helped me to be so much more prepared to return to the workforce. I honestly feel that I’m a better person because of your organization.” Office Graduate

"The Training Source is not just a place where skills are developed; it is a place where lives are changed. My thinking has been renewed and my outlook on life, employment, and most importantly “my” life has been transformed.” Hospitality Graduate

“It has been the most amazing experience in my lifetime and there are not enough words to tell you how much you have helped to turn my life around. I have turned 180˚.” Office Graduate

Team Captain

E. Kim Rhim E. Kim Rhim

I help others overcome barriers and achieve their full potential.