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"Books-for-Zanzibar Pamela Pappas Stanoch" a team to help address the book famine of Africa


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Books for Africa - Zanzibar Walk 2016 - raising funds for shipment of books to Africa

Happy New Year! As many of you know, I am a long time board member of Books for Africa. 10 years ago I accompanied its' founder Tom Warth as we climbed Kilimanjaro to raise money for this amazing organization. Tom celebrated his 70th birthday and the delivery of the 1 millionth book to Tanzania.

This year, in honor of his 80th birthday we will be walking 20 miles across Zanzibar to continue the Books for Africa quest to continue to fight book famine in Africa. Last year, BFA sent 2.4 million books to 21 countries. We hope to send more this year.

As a member of this trek across Zanzibar, we are required to raise $1000 in donations. My goal is to meet and exceed that goal. With your help, I hope to achieve my goal.

I am asking you to please make a pledge to this effort. Fifty cents sends a book to Africa and we calculate that it will be read by nearly 50 children.

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