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"Bob's Babes " : a marathon team to help Bob Gulish continue on the road to recovery following his double lung transplant.


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In March 2012, Bob Gulish received one of the greatest gifts: a set of new lungs. Bob suffers from a disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis. In many cases, a lung transplant is the only cure to this terrible disease. We are so grateful that he has been given this amazing gift and want to continue to support him on his road to recovery. With the lung transplant, there are many medical costs that are not covered by his insurance. Frequent hospital visits, copays for anti-rejection medication, and transportation costs add up quickly! We are hoping that this fundraiser can help the Gulish family focus on the most important thing for Bob: recovery.

Our team is made up of Sarah Gulish (Bob's daughter-in-law), Carrie Lawless, and Sarah Pisano. We are all first time marathoners and extremely excited/nervous about this challenge. Along with a team of supporters, both friends and family, we hope that this race will help Bob and bring many people together to support this cause.

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