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Journey to PAX East | Our 1st Indie Game


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We are a team of nine highly dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds, who have come together to create our first Indie game.

Our experiences vary from starter to extremely professional and already have experience in the game industry. That being said, the majority of us not only have a full time job, but we also freelance, stream on and work on developing our game on the side to help support our family and build a shared dream.

We all have been working around the clock (many a times, through the nights into the mornings) to create the foundation of our Indie game, beginning with the concept of the protagonist, the spaceship, formulating the programming codes for the game play, the creatures, the weather elements, creating and designing our website, the UI interface, starting up and adding to the art book and so much more!

We have multiple milestones and goals to reach, one of the many is being able to fund next year's team travel to PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts, to present our game to the thousands of attendees.

We are seeking support from individuals who appreciate video games, the devotion and sacrifices put into building a game. We want to thank you in advance and let you know how greatly your generosity will impact not only our lives, but the lives of our families as well. If you would like to see more of our work or check up on our progress for consideration, we would love to share our dream with you! Check us out at our streaming channel: where we are actively developing the game! Swing by our website for more information at and leave us a note!

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Get our dedicated team to Pax East 2016!