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The mission of Birthdays Remembered is to provide birthday gift packages for any child in Arizona whose need is identified by a partner agency. This could be a child who is in the hospital during his or her birthday. It could also be for a child whose parents or guardians are in financial constraints. The gift is given to the parents for the child, so that the child's birth is celebrated.

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La Verne Harris La Verne Harris

  1. La Verne HarrisLa Verne... 03/14/2014 at 03:59 PM ET
    Let the fundraising begin! I signed us up from March 14-August 14 with the goal of $5,000. This is the down time of Birthdays Remembered. Maybe we can still raise money during this time if you post this on your facebook page, tweak this, or email your friends. If this works, it can be an extra fundraiser.