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BPGC: 2016 World Championship Bound!

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The World Pilot Gig Rowing Championships is an international event held annually in the Isles of Scilly, Great Britain. This coming spring 2016 marks the 27th consecutive year of the championships with each year continuing to get bigger. As the first Bermuda men's, women's, and veterans crews to attend these races, we ask our friends and family to make this exciting event possible by supporting us. We are a committed team; we row several times a week in good weather and in bad. We train hard, on the water and off, with blisters and sore muscles, all while juggling our careers and family. We hope that you will support us in our goal to have Bermuda compete in the 2016 World Pilot Gig Championships. Thank you in advance for your generous consideration and contributions!

How We Got Here:

Pilot 'what' boats? If you're asking yourself that question, you're not the only one. At one time or another, we novice, social, and crew rowers wondered the same thing. Since then, we've learned what they are as well as the historic roots of gig rowing in Bermuda.

Pilot gig rowing has existed in Bermuda since the 1600's. Pilot gig boats are 32-foot long, six-oared rowing boats. The crew is made up of six rowers and a coxswain, who navigates and steers the boat, and sometimes sings and tells amusing stories. The original purpose of a gig boat was to take local pilots to incoming vessels to help them navigate into port through Bermuda's dangerous reefs. Several gig boats would race to the vessel with the first gig boat to arrive getting the job and the pay!

Today, pilot gig rowing is primarily a recreational sport with over 100 clubs worldwide. Bermuda joined the sport very recently. Its first, and only, Pilot Gig Club was inaugurated in June 2015 with three boats that are currently housed at St. George's at the East End Mini Yacht Club. Our fiberglass vessels are modeled on the traditional gigs, and have been named after famous Bermudian pilots: Harry Fox, Jack Simmons and Jemmy Darrel. These boats are also painted in the official colors of St. George's, St. David's, and Somerset.

Gig rowing incorporates the island's cultural heritage and community spirit by offering historical tours, youth outreach programs, and general rowing health and fitness initiatives. Getting into one of the boats is also a beautiful way to see the island. The sport quickly became a hit among the locals with over 70 active members with ages from about 14 years old to 70+, spanning an age range of over 60 years! It's safe to say we were bit by the rowing bug and now, WE ARE HOOKED!

Some of the club members enjoyed rowing so much that it ignited a spark in our competitive nature and crew teams were born. Now we row with a definite purpose, always training and fine tuning our skills to become stronger rowers and forge a strong team. Bermuda's crew team is so enthusiastic, talented, and committed to rowing that we have decided to send a team to represent Bermuda in the World Pilot Gig Rowing Championships.

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