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Help the Boyne City High School Robotics team raise the funds needed for 2016 FRC World Championship.


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Karen Jarema

BC Blaze Robotics Team

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BC Blaze Robotics is the Boyne City High School FIRST FRC Robotics team. The team, started is 2012, has had five years of experience and growth which has led to OUR FIRST invitation to represent Michigan as one of the 76 teams invited to the 2016 FRC World Championship based on our robot performance at the 2016 Michigan District Competitions.

Boyne City is a rural resort community in northern Michigan. Our team has been fortunate to have the support of many local sponsors who have contributed to our team being able to grow and participate in the Michigan District. However, our sponsorship and fundraising drive for the year does not have the amount necessary to take our team to the World Competition without further support.

With this year’s success as a District Champion at the Standish-Sterling event, the winning of the Safety & Entrepreneurship awards at both the Standish-Sterling and LSSU events we met our team goal of competing at the State Championship. As a young team, we believed the vision of reaching the World’s Championship was a goal for a future year; but the opportunity is now a reality!

The World Championship is a four-day event in Saint Louis, MO hosting hundreds of teams from all across the United States and 27 other countries. The World Championship is an international event, and a terrific learning opportunity for our 22 student-member team. It takes a lot of funding to enter the competition with considerable travel and housing costs.

Won’t you make a contribution to make it possible for every BC Blaze member to experience the excitement and opportunities of the FIRST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP? We need your help to make this opportunity become our reality.

Please share this link with as many people as possible! If you tell 5 friends, and they tell five friends, and so on, we will reach our goal. Thank you for your support of BC Blaze Robotics!

Team Captain

Karen Jarema Karen Jarema