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Friends Outside is a non-profit organization that offers ex-offenders a better chance of rehabilitating outside the four concrete walls of a jail cell. In the process of our clients post-release, Friends Outside assists in providing resources in regards to finding affordable housing, staffing agencies, food and clothing vouchers, discounted applications for Identification Cards, healthcare and food assistance benefits, and more. This organization focuses on the main goal which is to motivate clients into achieving their own goals in leading a healthier path in life.

The Bare Essentials team purpose is to spread awareness about the lack of basic needs a client has when they walk into our facility. The average client that is receiving services from Friends Outside is likely to be homeless on the streets or in a homeless shelter. Clothing and hygiene products are at a high demand and continue to be scarce due to the organization's lack of funding. In order to to fulfill the needs of every client that walks into the facility, the Bare Essentials team asks anyone who'd like to donate articles of clothing without any wear and tears; hygiene products, including but not limited to, like toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, deodorant and more; shoes of various sizes; newly purchased undergarments; 1-day Santa Cruz Metro bus passes; and any other helpful donations that can benefit a person's basic needs. The team only seeks to receive in-kind donations and ask that the only newly purchased products are undergarments. Every contribution helps the clients of Friends Outside sleep warmer at night.

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