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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$6,239 raised of $10,000
($5,461 online, $778 offline)

Our team is taking it to the next level! We need money for additional coaches and to cover costs of serious national-level meets!


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Zhanna Maydanich

Support Ethan and Adrian Maydanich!

$1,628 21


Ilise Friedman

Support Jensen Friedman

$690 13


Nolan Plant

Nolan Plant

$601 18


Bill Kirkner

Bill Kirkner's "Dollar-a-Yard" Challenge

$559 14


Irina Shraga

Ben and Elan are fundraising for the JCC Barracudas!

$415 11


Olivia Plant

Olivia Plant

$410 11


Olga Cherches

Support Alan and Mark Cherches

$405 9


Jami Terry

Lexi and Eleanor Efron for Baltimore JCC Barracuda Boosters

$400 2


The Rotmans

Support Matthew and Sammy Rotman

$350 17


Jessica Normington

Lindsay Normington fundraising for Baltimore JCC Barracuda Boosters

$301 11


Suzanne Shapiro

Support Sara Shapiro

$219 10


Valentina Khusid

Samuel Khusid

$85 4


Trevor Rill

Trevor Rill fundraising for Baltimore JCC Barracuda Boosters

$50 1


Dmitriy Shats

Dmitriy Shats fundraising for Baltimore JCC Barracuda Boosters

$50 1


Julia Shpigel

faina shpigel fundraising for Baltimore JCC Barracuda Boosters 1

$40 2


Jamie Leboe

Jamie Leboe fundraising for Baltimore JCC Barracuda Boosters

$36 1


Dmitriy Shats

Dmitriy Shats fundraising for Baltimore JCC Barracuda Boosters 1

$0 0


Nadia Gorodiskiy

Nadia Gorodiskiy fundraising for Baltimore JCC Barracuda Boosters

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The JCC Barracudas are having a Swim-A-Thon fundraising event on April 23, 2014 at 5 -8pm. This event helps fund various areas of the Barracuda Swim Team such as hiring additional coaching staff, updating training equipment for swimmers, coaches and officials memberships to USA Swimming, coaches educational fees, team transportation to meets, Coaches expenses to state, regional and national meets so they can attend with our swimmers.

Successful fundraising is vital for the continued success of the JCC Barracudas.

Please join us for our annual Swim-A-Thon. It's a great opportunity to bring family and friends together for some great swimming fun while supporting our team.

What is a Swim-A-Thon
Swim-a-thon is a fundraiser and pool party rolled into one.
This year, the Barracudas hope to raise $10,000.00 to help our team grow and prosper. These funds will be utilized for current needs and are essential to fulfilling JCC Barracudas' long term goals.

During the Swim-A-Thon swimmers will have a two-hour period in which to swim a maximum of 200 lengths. Donors are encouraged to support our athletes by pledging to support their efforts either via a flat donation, or by pledging a certain amount of money per length that the swimmers completes.

Donations are 100% tax deductible.

What happens during the Swim-A-Thon
On Wednesday, April 23, swimmers will have two hours to go for their goal--whether it's 25, 100 or 200 lengths. Swimmers will be swimming from 5:00-8:00. Some special events will be taking place during the Swim-A-Thon... including 1. push a Coach in the pool, 2. several swimmers chosen as random will call strokes and 3. A chance to win Barracuda team spirit wear.

After the event- the Barracudas will be treated to a pizza and cake party!!!

The Swim-A-Thon is for everyone
JCC Barracudas Swim-A-Thon is a family event.On the day of the event, parents help count laps and cheer on our swimmers. We hope you'll join in and find out how much fun it is to support the JCC Barracudas and be part of the Swim-A-Thon!

Team Captain

William Kirkner William Kirkner

  1. William KirknerWilliam... 04/14/2014 at 12:12 AM ET
    I want to be super excited about reaching the $4000 mark, but today's news has really been a downer. Tomorrow? Tomorrow...
  2. William KirknerWilliam... 04/11/2014 at 12:36 AM ET
    We zoomed right past the 1/3 toward goal point today...
  3. Bill KirknerBill Kirkner 04/07/2014 at 04:21 PM ET
    Congratulations! We just broke the $2K mark