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"Povery in Paradise" a team to help the MISSION DISCOVERY INC...


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"Poverty" and "refugees" are not typically the first words that come to mind when we hear "Bahamas." However, these things are bountiful in the region around the capital city of Nassau, where thousands of desperate Haitian refugees have ventured to make a new start. With no homes, no jobs, and little help from the Bahamian government, these people have been trapped in poverty, just a few miles from luxerious hotel resorts. Our team is serving these refugees.

We are not sure of all the deatails of our trip. Because of the huge need for housing and other facilities in this region, part of our job will be doing construction work on houses, churches or daycare facilities. We will also be leading a children's bible school and volunteering at an orphanage.

We hope to help the communtiy we work in whatever way we can. Surely this trip will also help us as well. It never hurts to become a little more caring and compassionate :)

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Tesse Barber Tesse Barber