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2015 Run for Radcliffe - Team Babylon


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I love this school, folks. LOVE IT. Three years ago I stumbled upon this gem, a type of school that I didn't even realize existed, when my child was disappearing from this world. Two years ago I watched as he slowly made his way back, one syllable at a time, an occassional lock of our eyes, less seismic tantrums. Last year I saw him become happy...really happy! Friends, growth in speech, knowledge and finally attempting to hold a crayon and color.

This year my sweet Ollie is blooming.

I am one lucky gal. Every day, I get to see a school changing lives. Including my son and daugther.

Every day, I see teachers teaching children to LOVE learning. I see them hugging students, I see them guiding hands, I see them patting backs and clapping. And sometimes I see them pulling teeth out.

Every day, I see kids EXCITED about school. I see them skipping to class, moving around in the classroom, I see them welcoming new friends, I see them encouraging each other. I see them understanding that what makes someone different is actually what makes them unique, and perfect.

So often families arrive at Radcliffe desperate for help that they know will change their child's life. Yet, they know they could never afford the price tag that accompanies an education like this. Each year the Run for Radcliffe raises money to support the tuition needs of so many children.

Please join Team Babylon again this year as we do our part to support this amazing school!

Team Captain

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