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AWSM at MSU: a team to help the Association for Women in Sports Media bring Chapter of the Year award-winning members to the AWSM convention


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Hanna Sprague

AWSM at MSU - 2016 AWSM Convention in Miami

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Two years ago, the chapter of Association for Women in Sports Media at Michigan State University resembled a small club. Few outside of the group had heard of us. Today, we are an established organization recognized by peers, faculty, and the university as a whole. This past year exemplifies the importance of dedicating ourselves to each other, and we were named Chapter of the Year and will be honored at the 2016 AWSM National Convention in Miami.

That's where you can come in! In order to best represent ourselves at the AWSM convention, we are raising funds to send as many deserving Spartans as we can to the four-day convention sponsored by ESPN, NBA, NFL, MLB Advanced Media, Knight Foundation, USA Today Sports, the College Football Playoff and more.

Our accomplishments, from the beginning of the school year to now, have been more than we could have imagined - and showcase exactly what our members are capable of and why AWSM @ MSU is such a distinguished group of young women. We hope to represent ourselves well and connect with women and men all over the world at the 2016 AWSM National Convention.

Our total group number has more than tripled this year, from 13 to 50. The most important aspect we draw from our growing numbers is that at each biweekly meeting, we continue to see a new face…even halfway through second semester. In the beginning, new faces were standard, but as time went on, we began to see a trend. New women were showing up at the meetings, because of the reoccurring sightings of our active members at athletic events on campus. Our members are working and present at College GameDay, major football and basketball games and press conferences. No matter how significant a game or meet, at least two or three AWSM members, are found court or field side working the event. Young members especially have enthusiastically joined, eager to find out how they can get the same jobs and opportunities. Having an AWSM member represented at every single athletic event on campus is an incredible testament to this organization.

More than anything, AWSM @ MSU has given young women the opportunity to find and befriend others with similar passions and goals. ESPN’s Shelley Smith spoke at one of our meetings, and gave us the best piece of advice for young persons hoping to succeed; “Surround yourself with others on the same mission.”

AWSM is a national organization who does just that, and we hope to provide that same level of support and camaraderie on our campus. Whether we scope out internships, make cards for the local hospital, or just stay after meetings and talk about how our day went – we’re together. In an industry that gives no promises, and attempts to shake women everyday, we must stick together. Past, present, and even future members of AWSM @ MSU will back each other from start to finish, representing the support system we have built: that will be our greatest achievement.

Please consider sponsoring a Spartan to attend the 2016 AWSM National Convention from July 28-31 in Miami. Thank you for your time. Go Green! Go AWSM!

Team Captain

Hanna Sprague Hanna Sprague