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We're an unofficial gay-straight alliance from a Christian campus raising money for LGBT homeless youth.


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Last semester, LGBT student leaders from Andrews University proposed several event ideas to the Student Life Department that we could hold. Amongst those ideas was a fundraiser for LGBT homeless youth. We were told, by Student life, to go ahead with this fundraiser.

Since we are an unofficial group, we had to join with another organization to sponsor our event. The group that agreed to sponsor us was Campus Minisitries. Almost 6 months laters, dozens of emails, and a handful of meetings -- student life ultimately decided to deny our request.

We just wanted to bake cupcakes and raise money for LGBT homeless youth.

According to the official statement of Andrews University, raising funds for Project Fierce goes "conflicts with the mission of Andrews University." But it's not just Project Fierce (a commendable organization doing great work in Chicago). Really it's any LGBT organization that affirms LGBT people.

We are unable to raise money for LGBT homeless youth on our campus because theology and politics matters more to Andrews University than the lives of LGBT homeless youth

As LGBT students on this campus, we find this unnacceptable. This goes against the very fundamentals of the gospel. While Andrews University has every right to deny any event on its campus, we believe this refusal is unethical and not at all christ-like.

We realize that this conversation can be heated for many. But this -- helping LGBT homelessness -- shouldn't be an issue for anyone of any theological paradigm. It is because of this that we have started this online campaign.

To raise awareness of LGBT homeless youth, raise funds for Project Fierce, and denounce the actions taken by Andrews University.

We take Andrews University's mission seriously in wanting to Seek Knowledge, Affirm Faith, and Change the World. It is with that mission statement in mind that we refuse to stay silent.

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  1. Eliel CruzEliel Cruz 03/09/2015 at 12:23 PM ET
    WE'VE MOVED. Go here for the fundrasier