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Chestnut Hill Reservoir 5k Race - Saturday, May 10th (8am start)

A team for Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence, Inc.

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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$3,136 raised of $5,000
($2,801 online, $335 offline)

ATASK Team Runs for Hope at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir 5k Race!!

Team Members

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Audrey Paek

Chestnut Hill Reservoir 5k Race - Run Again, Audrey, Run!

$650 8


Candice Trzcinka

Candice Trzcinka fundraising for Chestnut Hill Reservoir 5k Race - Saturday, May 10th (8am start)

$100 1


Candice Trzcinka

Candice Lam Trzcinka is running 5k race for a good cause, please donate :)

$531 9


Catherine Chan

Catherine Chan and Friends (Jeff, Kee, Molly, Katie, Bobby) fundraising for Chestnut Hill Reservoir 5k Race - Saturday, May 10th (8am start)

$920 24


Marina Dang

Marina (with Mike running) fundraising for ATASK 5k Race

$585 10


YeSeul Kim

YeSeul Kim and Friends (ZENO, MEAGHAN, BEN, JAVIER, SINA, DAN) fundraising for ATASK 5K

$350 9

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The Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence invites you to join the team and take a stand against domestic violence. On May 10, 2014, at 8am, we are running for HOPE in support of domestic violence survivors:

H - Housing in emergency shelter

O - Outreach to Asian communities and a 24-hour multilingual helpline

P - Programs and services that support clients and their children and empower them to live independent lives (ESOL/Life Skills/Financial & Computer Literacy/Legal & Immigration Advocacy)

E - Education & cultural competency training for youth, providers, and the public

For more than 20 years, the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence (ATASK) has provided a critical lifeline for the staggering number of Asian families impacted by domestic violence. ATASK is New England's only provider of culturally and linguistically-specific shelter and community-based support, advocacy, and prevention services for Asian survivors in Massachusetts and New England.

Visit to learn more.

Help us to exceed our team goal of $5,000! Here's how:

1) Register to run and join the "ATASK Team" ($26.20 entry).

a) Go to the event site - - scroll down the page, and join the team (Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence).

b) Then create your own fundraising page at by clicking on "Fundraise" under the header "Join This Team" (see above). Feel free to customize your page.

2) Sponsor an individual runner by clicking on their individual page (see list of team members above) OR if you wish to make a direct donation to ATASK, go to Please indicate "5k Race" in the "Notes" section.

3) And lastly, share this post with your networks and tell everyone about the ATASK Team!


(A suggested $250 fundraising minimum/per runner. That's just $25 from 10 friends!)

- Zeno Adami

- Molly Bales

- Courtney Bell

- Javier Burgos

- Catherine Chan

- George Donnelly

- Daniel Handal

- Ben Hildreth

- Meaghan Hildreth

- KeePyo Hong

- YeSeul Kim

- Bobby Kleinau

- Adiana Lurvey

- Frank Miranda

- Mark Nelson

- Sina Omran

- Audrey Paek

- Katie Savage

- Mike Short

- Candice Lam Trzcinka

- Jeffrey Wei

- Josephine Young

- Zoe Yu

Team Captain

Audrey Paek Audrey Paek

  1. Audrey PaekAudrey Paek 05/08/2014 at 03:47 AM ET
    Kudos to the ATASK TEAM for surpassing last year's fundraising benchmark. Let's keep up the momentum!! Thank YOU for all of your efforts and giving life to our mission!