At Night STRIKE, no one is SPARE - STRAIGHT up!


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"At Night STRIKE, no one is SPARE - STRAIGHT up!" a team to help the BRIDGETOWN INC...


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Lesley Snider

At Night STRIKE, No One Is A SPARE

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We are a wirey bunch of estrogen oozing she-types - ready to hit the lanes to raise money for BridgeTown Inc! We may not remember to play fair, but we will remember that every penny goes to serve people in the margins - people we LOVE! So hand us those funky looking shoes and point us towards the pins. Let's roll (literally) :0)

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Lesley Snider Lesley Snider

  1. Lesley SniderLesley... 09/09/2014 at 04:14 PM ET
    SHare this page on your facebook, or email to friends to start the fundraising! You can donate personally, or see how much comes in from our awesome network of "others who care"... Let me know if I can help with anything ok?