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Support the Team of Ashray to Educate the Poor Children


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Ashray works to combat Human Trafficking and believes in promoting livelihood benefits to ensure the poor and indigenous people to lead a Dignified life. In the Eatern Region of India, the Indigenous community is vulnerable to trafficking whose consequences the children face the most. The eastern India is rich in mining resouirces but these commercial sectors have created a huge gap and therefore the poor people face an extreme push to migrate.

We,the team of Ashray,have rescued many children from Human Trafficking and Child Labour who are ensure a good stay at our rehabilitation center. The children go the formal schools and get special traing on co-curricular activities. As these children are special matrial arts anmd self defence is what we provide. We ensure that their stay is healthy and homely. The little children abandonded from their houses are couselled as we believe that the final rehabilitation is ensure by securing a good life of the children at their own family. For this the family is ensured a good livelihood training and given means to earn a living by the team of Ashray, thus the couselling and capacity building of the families is a means of protection and reintegration which we thrive to ensure.

The children as young as seven years old are served at Ashray Vihar( A protective and Rehabilitation Center) whom whe support to live a dignified life.

Team Captain

Soumi Dutta Soumi Dutta

Educate and holistically support the poor children vulnerable to trafficking