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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$5,971 raised of $10,000
($4,245 online, $1,726 offline)

Running the Arusha5K to raise $ for SIC's life-saving programs in rural Tanzania


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Johnson Kiwango & Sarah Johnston

Team Mabingwa

$2,449 27


Kati Regan

Kati Regan

$1,617 8


Kristine Quiroz

Kristine Quiroz for SIC!

$800 11


Volunteer Program 1

VP1- 2013

$550 5


Yusuph Selemani and Katie Lesyna

Yusuph Selemani and Katie Lesyna

$275 8


Preetha Hebbar

Preetha for SIC!

$115 2


Teresa Skelly

Twiga for SIC!

$100 1


Volunteer Program 2


$50 1


Elaine Andres

Elaine, Rachel, & Peery Run SF for SIC

$30 1


Haley Griffin

Haley Griffin

$10 1


Johnson Kiwango & Sarah Johnston

Volunteeer Program 1

$0 0


Amanda Lusk

University of Arizona

$0 0

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  • Marty C: Gary H. and Jan A. are big supporters of Team Mabingwa. We're working...
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  • Marty C: Race to the finish line! Love to you and your team. Mom and Gary
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  • Marty C: Marilyn A is supporting Team Mabingwa! Keep up your good work, Sarah
    about Team Mabingwa
  • Marty C: So proud that you are following your heart!
    about Team Mabingwa
  • Audrey McLaughlin: KRISTINE , Very proud of you!
    about Kristine Quiroz for SIC!
  • Janis E Couverley: Kristine - I work with your are one amazing daughter!!!
    about Kristine Quiroz for SIC!
  • ChloĆ© Soukas: This year, VP2 broke SIC records in number of people taught and number of...
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  • Rebecca Quiroz: Kristine, I can't stop smiling as I look at you and your family from Africa....
    about Kristine Quiroz for SIC!
  • Lee A Quiroz: Beautiful girl with a beautiful heart!
    about Kristine Quiroz for SIC!
  • Anthony A. Markulis: Keep up the great work Sarah!
    about Team Mabingwa
  • Mary Johnston: Come on Johnstons!
    about Team Mabingwa
  • Volunteer Program 2: VP2...... Lets show them how we do it!!!
    about VP2-2013
  • Erin Schreiner: RUN SJ! You can do it!
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  • Elena Schwolsky-Fitch: Hope you had a great race, Kati. Love the video!...
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  • Elena Schwolsky-Fitch: Hope you all had a great 5K race...loved the video...thanks for all the...
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  • Vivian Peng: Happy Birthday Johnson! Love and miss you kaka.
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  • Karlie R Shumway: Thanks for all you guys do for the amazing SIC team!!! You both will do...
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  • Roger S. Evans: We love you Aunt Sarah have a good race! Amy Rog and the 3As...
    about Team Mabingwa
  • Roxanne Johnston: Most proud of you, young lady! Love and Kisses from Uncle John and Aunt...
    about Team Mabingwa

SIC staff, family and friends in Tanzania are participating in the Arusha 5K run on September 9, 2013. Each step they take is in an effort towards raising money and awareness about SIC's wide-ranging HIV services in rural communities that otherwise would not have access to treatment or care. We are asking you, our alumni, to participate in this year's 5K in some way from your home--wherever it may be.

Here are some ways to get involved:

1. Run in solidarity! Set up a fundraising page and join our team. Share your page and get your friends to sponsor your run and our fight against HIV/AIDS!

2. Sponsor another runner! Check out our runner profiles just by clicking on each name above. There you can see why they fight against HIV/AIDS. Then sponsor the runner whose fight resonates most with you.

3. Spread the word! Take your social networks on your runner’s journey.

Instagram: Show us how you train and why you run with pics or vids on Instagram. Make sure to mention @sichange and hashtag #arusha5k #tukopamoja, and we’ll show you off on the SIC Facebook page. Pics with the most likes/shares get some prized SIC swag.

Tweets/Facebook Statuses:I'm running the #arusha5k with @sichange to fight stigma and end #HIV: [insert link to fundraising page].

Running in the #arusha5k with @sichange for an #HIV free world [insert link to fundraising page]

SIC is a trans-national organization and in joining together in the fundraising efforts with our staff, we are living SIC’s motto of TUKO PAMOJA KUUSHINDA UKIMWI [WE ARE UNITED IN THE FIGHT AGAINST HIV/AIDS].

Thank you all so much for your continued support! A5K 2013!

Team Captain

Lindsay Whiddon Lindsay Whiddon

Executive Director, SIC