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Raising funds to fight against Gynecologic Cancers!

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Army of Teal gives a support group to all of the women that have or are dealing with complications of Gynecologic Cancers and or HPV. There is a lack of attention, educational and support for Gynecologic Cancer Awareness and we are on a mission to change that.

Woman of Teal/AOT provides a personal support chain for women to be able to express their concerns, frustrations and triumphs. Sometimes close friends and family may not understand and cannot relate to what these courageous women are going through so we are here to help. The members of Woman of Teal & AOT have been there and experienced the many aspects of Gynecologic Cancer. We all have had different paths in this journey but we understand and we want to help!

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Ashley Murray Ashley Murray

"No Woman Of Teal Fights Alone!"