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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$13,750 raised of $16,500
($6,875 online, $1,375 offline)

Our Ukraine 2014 team will work with Alpha and Omega Christian Youth Society of Dnepropetrovsk at their annual youth camp.

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Geoff Yeowell

aone:eight Ukraine 2014 Geoff Yeowell

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Isabelle Beegle-Levin

aone:eightUkraine 2014 Isabelle Beegle-Levin

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Jacqueline Harper

aone:eight Ukraine 2014 Jacqueline Harper

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Jason Castellente

aone:eight Ukraine 2014 Jason Castellente

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Meredith Jacobs

aone:eight Ukraine 2014 Meredith Jacobs

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Join us this summer as we participate in iRepublic, a camp for Ukrainian youth. Sponsored by Alpha and Omega Christian Youth Society, this annual camp provides a fun atmosphere for young people (teens/20s) to hear and experience the gospel. Our team may teach English, play games and sports, help with crafts, etc. We will also sponsor a number of orphans from Dnepropetrovsk to attend iRepublic.

Team Captain

Geoff Yeowell Geoff Yeowell

  1. Isabelle Beegle-LevinIsabelle... 06/15/2014 at 10:04 PM ET
    Good luck team with fundraising! We can do it!