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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$39,675 raised of $41,650

We will be taking a team to Derry, Northern Ireland, to work with Cornerstone City Church, as they serve and bless their city.


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The Hoffmans

aone:eight Northern Ireland Hoffman Family

$4,800 4


Savannah and Suzanne Sommers

Suzanne Sommers

$4,800 1


Jason Cho

aone:eight Northern Ireland 2014 Jason Cho

$2,550 16


Steven Spillan

aone:eight Northern Ireland 2014

$2,500 29


Moira Johnson

aoneeight Northern Ireland 2014 Moira Johnson

$2,475 10


Cheri Miller

aone:eight Northern Ireland 2014: Cheri Miller

$2,420 12


Jon Vaughan

aoneeight Northern Ireland 2014 Jon Vaughan

$2,400 5


Cammie Genda

aone:eight Northern Ireland 2014 Cammie Genda

$2,400 22


Sarah Hiser

aone:eight Northern Ireland 2014

$2,400 8


Ryan Strand

aone:eight Northern Ireland 2014 Ryan Strand

$2,400 1


Kelsey Doyle

aone:eight Northern Ireland 2014 Kelsey Doyle

$2,400 15


Jenni Button

aone:eight Northern Ireland 2014 Jenni Button

$2,400 20


Anne Marie Vaughan

aoneeight Northern Ireland 2014 Anne Marie Vaughan

$2,400 4


Mary Margaret Gaylord

aone:eight Northern Ireland 2014 Mary Margaret Gaylord

$1,400 1


Zera Vaughan

aoneeight Northern Ireland 2014 Zera Vaughan

$1,000 1


Jenna Edwards

aone:eight Northern Ireland 2014 Jenna Edwards

$340 1


Karyanne Cox

aone:eight Northern Ireland 2014 Karyanne Cox

$240 2


Jenilee LeFors

Jenilee Hurley A1:8 Northern Ireland Missions Trip

$200 1


Krysta Cox

aone:eight Northern Ireland 2014 Krysta Cox

$150 2

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Thank you for your interest in being apart of what God is doing in Northern Ireland. We are excited about partnering with Cornerstone City Church (CCC) in Londonderry as they extend the love of God to their city. Northern Ireland is primarily known for its tragic history of violence and inter-community conflict. These “troubles,” as they are commonly known, have left behind serious economic, emotional and spiritual needs, particularly in urban/working-class districts such as Londonderry. CCC's mission is to create a new legacy through their annual "I Heart Derry" outreach.

I Heart Derry 2014 will run from Saturday, June 28th, through Sunday, July 6th.

I Heart Derry ’14 will consist of a Playground Project, Kids Programs, On Street Prayer, On Street Medical Check-Up, Football (Soccer) Tournament, Kids Social Events, Open Mic Events, Team Celebrations and a few other surprises thrown in along the way. For the first time, they are planning to have a city wide festival, so they can connect with a wider range of people from various age brackets, social interests and cultural backgrounds. These amazing events will be topped off by an incredible Sunday where we will invite everyone we have connected with throughout the week to join us at a Cornerstone Sunday service. (Last year, their Sunday service doubled at the end of the festival)


- To continue our partnership with Cornerstone City Church and assist them in reaching their vision for their city.

- By our physical presence in Northern Ireland, we are able to contribute to their outreach in tangible ways with a long-term focus of connecting them to a local church.

- To love God with all our strength and to bring fresh eyes to injustices in a different culture.

- To contribute to God’s grand co-mission of sharing the gospel to the world.

- To grow in our relationship with God and see his heart for a people in a different cultural context.

- To create community amongst our team and with youth and families in Northern Ireland.

- To be active learners on how we can bring back a vision and mission for a week-long outreach to our DC neighborhoods where we invite Northern Irish to be apart of serving and blessing our city.

Team Captain

Jon Vaughan Jon Vaughan