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$60,224 raised of $90,000
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We are a team based out of Washington, DC that has a heart for missions and a passion to see DRC restored to hope, peace and beauty.

Team Members

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Aaron Samuel

aone:eight DRC 2014 Dave Samuel

$3,150 12


Ashleigh Nye

aone:eight DRC 2014 Ashleigh Nye

$3,175 19


Courtnie Nye

aone:eight DRC 2014 Courtnie Nye

$3,175 12


Damaris Karstädter

aone:eight DR Congo 2014 Dami Karstädter

$3,150 18


Hannah Jacobson

aone:eight DRC 2014 Hannah Jacobson

$3,150 7


Jake Rutherford

aone:eight DRC 2014 JAKE RUTHERFORD

$0 1


James Bayot

aone:eight DRC 2014 James Bayot

$2,595 11


Jennifer Connell

aone:eight DR Congo 2014 Jennifer Connell

$3,370 13


Mandy Hanlon

aone:eight DR Congo 2014 Mandy Hanlon

$1,500 1


Natalie/Jake Rutherford

DC to DRC: The Rutherfords in the Congo, 2014

$3,154 13


Nicholas Hanlon

aone:eight DR Congo 2014 Orphan Campaign: Nik Hanlon

$250 1


Ricky Helke

aone:eight DRC 2014 Ricky Helke

$3,150 4


Sarah Bayot

aone:eight DRC 2014 Sarah Bayot

$2,780 6


Special Projects

aone:eight DRC 2014 Mango Tree School

$27,625 10

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It's been an incredible journey since April 2010 when our relationship with Pastor Jeremiah Rukukuye began. Born out of seeds of prayer and faithfulness, a core group from National Community Church are in their fourth year traveling to the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo to work with Pastor Jeremiah and 57 children who have been orphaned and live at the Congo for Christ Center (CCC). In 2011, we helped raise funds for a clean water pipeline for CCC and the Rugembe community. In 2012, we focused on medical training, education, and play. In 2013, we conducted a vacation bible school incorporating arts and play for the children as well as skills training and discipleship with the CCC staff and community by partnering with the local church. More than anything we will do, the most important part for us is the power of presence and the understanding and hope that comes from just being and spending time with each other. We believe these kids will be leaders in their community and are representative of a greater story of hope and progress that is being woven in DRC. Join us on this journey!

Team Captain

James Bayot James Bayot

  1. Chris JarrellChris... 01/28/2014 at 02:53 PM ET
    The Lakeside Community Church team of five are excited about partnering with the NCC team in July. Blessings, Chris