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$11,295 raised of $10,000
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"Annapurna Circuit 2014 Fundraising Trek for TRIFC" - Helping Children with Disabilities in Nepal


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Jackie Garces

Jackie Garces' 2014 Annapurna Circuit Trek to benefit children with disabilities in Nepal

$4,000 19


Doug Hagen

Doug Hagen's 2014 Annapurna Circuit Trek to help children with disabilities

$2,575 22


Celese and Patrick Spencer

Celese and Patrick Spencer's "Annapurna Circuit 2014 Fundraising Trek for TRIFC" - Helping Children with Disabilities in Nepal

$2,080 13


Beth Reite

Beth Reite's 2014 Annapurna Trek to Help Children with Disabilities

$1,320 19


Christian Kaufman

2014 Annapurna Circuit Trek to help children with disabilities

$320 5


Gordon Reiter

2014 Annapurna Circuit trek for TRIFC kids

$0 1

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Our team is comprised of a fun and adventurous group of mountaineers and backpackers, most of whom are members of Seattle's Bushwhacker Climbing Club. Last year, our team leader, Jackie, a board member of TRIFC and a Bushwhacker, introduced to us the idea of doing a fundraising trek in Nepal to benefit children with disabilities and here we are, making it happen! All funds raised will be donated to TRIFC to support their programs and a part of our trip will be spent visiting TRIFC project sites and meeting some of the children TRIFC supports!

TRIFC's Vision & Goals:

The primary mission of The Rose International Fund for Children ( is to improve the lives of children in Nepal, particularly those with disability. raises funds through donations, grants and hands-on fundraising activities. With the funds raised we provide financial support to existing non-profit organizations in Nepal that share our goals and vision. Our focus is on providing support in the areas of education, medical needs, nutrition, facilities and environment improvements. We participate in project planning, coordination and implementation. In addition, we raise awareness of the living conditions of these children by documenting and publishing our project work. believes in sharing resources with those less fortunate.

Annapurna Circuit Trek 2014

Trek around the beautiful Annapurna Massif hiking to an elevation of 17,769 ft above sea level to witness the majestic Himalayan Mountain peaks and see how our fundraising efforts can help children with disabilities thrive in a country whose government and society hinder their equal participation to nation building.

Purpose of Trek:

In Nepal, people with disabilities are thought to be cursed or suffering from a past-life sin. This trek will raise awareness and provide funds to support education, opportunity and empowerment for people with disability!

Goal of Trek:

To exceed $10,000 in donations to help fund existing projects in Nepal:

* School supplies for blind/visually impaired children

* Braille libraries & literacy projects

* Support for deaf women’s empowerment groups

* Food and nutrition support

* Medical and surgical support

* School sponsorship

Team Captain

Jackie Garces Jackie Garces

  1. Jackie GarcesJackie... 11/25/2014 at 03:08 AM ET
    Hi Team! Wow! We are nearly closing out our fundraiser and what a great job you all have done to help us reach our goal and make this trip a memorable one! I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart. Dhanyabaad and Namaste!
  2. Jackie GarcesJackie... 09/12/2014 at 12:59 AM ET
    Hi Team! We are just a few weeks away from our trip departure! Great job on fundraising! We are also getting goods donated as well, which is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.
  3. Jackie GarcesJackie... 08/03/2014 at 08:00 PM ET
    Hi Team! Can you believe we have reached over $6000 in donations. There's only a little over 2 months left before we take off so please share your links with your friends. :) Thanks a bunch! Hope y'all are having a great summer!
  4. Jackie GarcesJackie... 06/14/2014 at 11:31 AM ET
    Hey Team! We're up to $2260 on our fundraiser! If you can believe it, in just a little over 4 months we will be in Nepal! Thank-you so much for your participation in this fundraiser. Can't wait to be out there with you in October!!
  5. Jackie GarcesJackie... 06/05/2014 at 01:06 AM ET
    Way to go, Beth! Thanks for promoting our fundraiser on your FB page!