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"Anna Cate's Fairy Godmothers" will be running 13.1 miles to raise funds for Rett Syndrome!

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Adina Nickerson

Running for Anna Cate!!

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Amelia Freeman

Running for my princess Anna Cate

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Brooke Austin

Anna Cate's Fairy Godmother Team

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Dina Armstrong

Dina Armstrong

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Emilie Rabke

Running for my Princess Anna Cate

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Leigh Brabrand

Leigh Brabrand

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Tracy Chapman

Running for Anna Cate

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Tricia Peterson

Running for Anna Cate

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Around a year ago I started asking myself do you think you can run a half marathon? Maybe was the answer I told myself, maybe if I had some friends to laugh and cry with every step of the way! So I asked one friend and then another friend and before I knew it, I had four friends who said YES! And then three more jumped on board! SEVEN friends running a HALF MARATHON for Anna Cate….there was no turning back now! After five months of training, half marathon weekend was here!

I can not begin to tell you how moved I was to have seven wonderful friends join me in Disney to run a half marathon for Anna Cate. Despite my crazy life of sleepless nights (which got better during the training….THANK YOU ANNA CATE!), doctor and therapy visits and chasing my other two munchkins around with their daily needs (and wants!), I still found time to train for this race. While, my friends who ran with me do not have the “special needs mom” title and all that comes with it, they still have their families, a job and all the every day things that come with being a wife and mother….and they still found time to train for the race too! I can never thank all of Anna Cate’s Fairy Godmothers ENOUGH for taking time away from the important people in your life to help someone special in mine.

But guess what.....THEY ARE DOING IT AGAIN! And Anna Cate has some NEW FAIRY GODMOTHERS this year! We will be running on Sunday, February 24th, 2013 on the Girl Power 2 Cure's Disney Princess Half Marathon Team! Anna Cate's Fairy Godmothers could not have have accomplished their fundraising goal of $10,000 (we actually raised close to $14,000!!!) last year without the help of all the amazing friends and family of all Anna Cate's Fairy Godmothers.

Thank you for your generous support and we HOPE you will be able to support us again this year! The Disney Princess Half Marathon is the only place where our team will be able to be a Fairy Godmother AND a Princess at the same time....but we will never lose sight during those 13.1 long miles why we are really running.....but for the one TRUE PRINCESS....Anna Cate.

Team Captain

Emilie Rabke Emilie Rabke