Pacific University College of Optometry: Pattaya, Thailand Eye Care Mission


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Traveling from Forest Grove, OR to Pattaya, Thailand to give free comprehensive eye exams to hundreds of patients


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This December, our team of nine students and two optometrists will be traveling to Thailand to perform free eye exams in underserved areas. We are bringing hundreds of donated eyeglasses, ocular disease medications, and medical equipment to perform free comprehensive eye exams in Pattaya on the southern Thai coast.

We will spend two full days at the Father Ray Foundation, an orphanage of 800 children, many with physical disabilities and permanent blindness. We will spend another two full days at a nearby hospital with local Thai doctors to serve the poor in the area. By the end of the trip, our team hopes to see 1,200 patients and improve their vision and ocular health in any way possible. We will be involved with everything and anything, from instilling eye medications to refracting patients to finalizing glasses prescriptions.

The majority of the trip cost is the $1789 flight (per person) and also includes cost of transportation and accommodations. Even the smallest donation helps and decreases any additionally incurred debt for the students. Thank you for your time and consideration friends and family!

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Charissa Young Charissa Young

Providing quality vision care to underserved people in the Portland area and throughout the world