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We are pleased to welcome you on our “American Calendar” project website!

We are a team of volunteers which is developing and realizing various non-governmental and non-commercial projects.

Our present project aims at further patriotism development of the US citizens, as well as we put the emphasis on a deeper study of some patriotic historical facts in order to remind them or study.

"American Calendar" project is aimed at a deeper development of patriotic consciousness among citizens of the great country - the United States of America on the basis of its legendary history of the period of presidential rule in different periods.

We are interested in creating educational teaching resources for every day during the constitutional term of the presidency of the United States.

For the "American Calendar" project we were founded upon the base period of government of the US president established by the US constitution - 4 years.

The idea is to remind daily to every citizen of the United States of the greatness of his/her country, which has a centuries-old heroic history.

Thus we came to the idea of creation of "American Calendar" unique project which will be designed not for 12 months but 48 months (4 years).

The second title of our project - "President Calendar."

Each month we decided to dedicate to one of the presidents of the great country and the missing months we decided to divide among the most significant events that occurred in the past of the US history.

(the events we will discuss with you and decide which of them to place on the pages of the "American Calendar")

At the present we are holding the contest among the specialized publishers which will deal with the manufacture and design of our patriotic "American Calendar".

To begin with we plan to publish from 10 000 to 30 000 copies because of insufficiently of large resources. In the process of further development of our joint project and with your support we plan to publish at least 100 000 copies!

Distribution of the “American Calendar” will be realized among both adult population and among schoolchildren and students, as they are the foundation of our great country and they are responsible for the proper development of the USA!

At least 50% of all published copies, we plan to distribute free of charge among the younger generation!

We believe that knowledge of the history of his/her country and patriotic spirits, which will be supported every day with the "American Calendar," will have a positive impact on the further development of the United States.

We are currently raising funds from interested and patriotic people who love their great country for the realization of our joint large-scale project!

Thanking you in advance for participating in the project! God Bless America!

One of the final “American Calendar” copies will be a great unique gift for the current president of the USA and former alive presidents.

Team Captain

Dima Shappo Dima Shappo