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You are Dinos for Life! Support hockey in the hood for the next generation. And prove that your era is the most supportive.


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Remember when the DinoMights won the peewee championships in 99? The stands were packed in Edison Arena. The crowd went wild as Justin made the save to keep the lead with just seconds left on the clock. Or maybe you remember the squirt championship in 2004. We tied the game with one minute left. Jesse threw up on the bench before scoring the overtime winner.

Remember going to KAA? Remember going to the Hockey in the Hood Tournament in Detroit? Remember selling programs at Wild Games? Remember serving at Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate? Remember your tutor or coach?

These memories are yours to keep, they are also yet to be made for the youngest Dinos. We hope that you will connect with DinoMights this holiday season. Your support shows that those memories are precious enought to pass on to the next generation.

So we are challenging you to show which Dino era is the most supportive of today's Dinos. The size of the gift doesn't matter, it's whoever can get the most givers. So here's what you do:

High School classes 2001-2007 give on Kelsey Sundberg Romero's page

High School classes 2008-2010 give on James Fields' page

High School classes 2011-2016 give on Janaya Sundberg's page (by the way if you are still in high school, your not too young to get involved.)

Kelsey, James and Janay will be thinking of ways to make it more interesting for you too!

Team Captain

Scott Harman Scott Harman